Service Dog trainers WANTED

As we build our community of Handler’s Mobility Service Dog Teams


Dog trainers are a vital part of our foundation, providing a the skills needed for balanced living for a mobility-disabled handler.

We need Service Dog Trainers to work with Mobility-disabled Handlers and their new Service Dogs, designing and teaching tasks unique to the Handler’s needs and creating a powerful union that will ensure functional independence. As you know, training a Service Dog is not something that a timeline can be given for, each dog and each handler is unique and the Service Dog Trainer trains for their needs and abilities. It is a process.

A Mobility Service Dog Trainer assists the Mobility Team to work together as a team. The MSD Trainer possesses skills to listen to and observe both the human and the dog, custom tailoring the specific needs of the of the disabled handler. The basics must be firmly in place before tasking can begin. Tasks that Mobility Service Dogs are able to do are brace for stability, open/close doors, pull wheelchairs push buttons, take items from shelf, carry items upon request, give items to others, soft retrieval, medical alerting, drag wheelchair/walker/cane back to partner, assist with house/yard work, assist to remove clothing, retrieve indicated items, alert for help, turn fixtures on/off. Each dog learns all the basics and the Service Dog Trainer with the Handler training together a dog that will be personalized to the handler’s needs.

MSD-WCP expects it’s Trainers to do the following:

  1. Be available for questions and suggestions on Puppy Raisers Facebook Group.

  2. Meet with future Mobility-disabled Handler to experience their expectations for Mobility Service Dog.

  3. Work one-on-one with Mobility Team to fine tune the dog’s training. Be available as needed during the first 6 months for daily meetups, gradually reducing and stepping back.

  4. Lead our once-a-month Education Forum in ZOOM on-line and in the classroom.

  5. Take part in an open-hour weekly training class.

  6. Instruct the mobility disabled individual and the dog’s trainer(s) to provide all phases of Service Dog training including but not limited to Good Citizenship, Mobility Certification, Taking Care of a Service Dog, needs specific to the individual, Service Dog harness/tools, and a Service Dog 24/7 access card with an understanding of individual rights.

  7. Dog Trainer Application- Please send us your basic contact information, application you are requesting, and 10 words to share your reason for requesting application. Please SUBMIT request online or email: Thank you.