Puppy Donations



Our amazing, brilliant puppies are the earth from which our foundation is built. Mobility Service Dogs - West Coast Project does not have its own breeding program. Unlike many service dog programs, we rely on donations of puppies from respectable, seasoned Standard Poodles and Great Dane breeders.

We are looking for breeders whose priorities are the health, temperament, working ability, and longevity of their dogs. Truly, it takes a remarkable canine to become a Mobility Service Dog! A mobility service dog needs to be all of the following:

  1. Impeccably friendly, yet able to ignore people when working

  2. Calm enough to wait quietly with his partner for long periods, yet willing to go to work in an instant when needed

  3. Confident in new situations, yet responsive to someone who may have little or no physical control over the dog

  4. An able and willing retriever

Only very calm, focused, and confident working dogs and that are handled, exposed to many social situations and are environmentally stimulated in their first weeks of life have the opportunity to be a Mobility Service Dog.

We use primarily Standard Poodles who will grow to be between 60-95 pounds and 26 to 32 inches at the withers. We are also honored with Grant Danes, for Handlers who need an even larger dog.

We hold to the following sire and dam guidelines:

  1. Must like all persons, greeting everyone they meet with sweet gentle temperaments and lovely spirits

  2. Be very sweet and sociable to all dogs and animals, reptiles, and creatures

  3. Not be bothered by crashing noises or sudden eruption of sounds

  4. Be totally non-reactive an unafraid of anything

  5. Be able to be touched and handled, even by a stranger

  6. Be eager to work with a human

  7. Must like to retrieve and give to you, be workable

  8. When possible, have working titles (e.g. CGC, obedience, rally, agility, field)

  9. Have three generations of health clearances:

    1. Orthopedic clearances (OFA or PennHip) on hips and elbows

    2. CERF and cardiac clearances

    3. Other breed-specific clearances (such as EIC and CNM in retrievers, CEA in herding breeds, VWD or thyroid in some others, etc.)

Our puppy guidelines for 0-8 weeks:

  1. Whelped and raised in the house

  2. Daily handling birth to gifting puppy(s) to puppy raiser(s) with feet rubbed and laying in lap on their back completely trustworthy of humans

  3. Exposed to and handled by many people of all ages- babies to elderly- to shapes, sizes, and colors

  4. Exposed to a large variety of sounds and knows outdoors and indoors from three days onward

  5. Provided with environmental stimulation in the form of different types and textures of objects to play with, walk on, and climb on or in

  6. Exposed to numerous environments, including a crate, riding in the car, buses, and trains, and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor locations

  7. Introduced to grooming rituals, poodles require grooming every 6 weeks so very important that they are brushed daily and know the sound of a dog razor on their face and body while relaxed

  8. Allowed to mimic adult dogs in learning toilet habits and hygiene

  9. Extremely sociable with great confidence around new and old things

  10. Approximately 8 weeks old when they are ready to transfer to their Puppy Raiser

Yes, breeders absolutely adore their puppies as they strive to achieve healthy puppies today and in the future.We realize that breeders who are conscious of all of these things love their breed.

We understand that MSD-WCP is asking a lot in requesting a donation of a puppy or a litter of puppies each year; however, know that we are sincerely and deeply honored for your trust and desire to support the Mobility Disabled Handler becoming functionally independent with your puppy(s).

The magical connection of a Mobility Service Dog Team is life-changing and creates an incredible bond between a Handler and a working dog partner. A Mobility Service Dog Team is a magical and deep connection that becomes one!

If you gift MSD-WCP with a puppy, you are truly giving a golden treasure to create a Mobility Service Dog Team.  Your kennel will be acknowledged on our website and educational materials.

To donate puppy(s), please send us your basic contact information, application you are requesting, and 10 words to share your reason for requesting application. Please SUBMIT request online or email: janie@mobilitydog.org. Thank you.

Gratitude to our Poodles’ Donations

Jennifer Dolineaux’s Standard Poodles for Service

We are extremely fortunate to Jennifer who has donated nine poodles who are all Service Dogs in Training!

Lorna Lux’s Royal Standards