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Travel Information

Traveling for a weekend or a few months takes a wee dash more planning and investigating for an excellent and stress-free adventure. Traveling while handicapped can be challenging, if you do not ask the right questions and go prepared. Traveling with your Mobility Service Dog also requires planning and sharing information for the easiest and relaxing holiday. It takes only a few moments to call ahead to inform the place you are staying that you are traveling with a Mobility Service Dog, and that few minutes of planning ahead makes for a peaceful journey. Please share you traveling experiences, both the fabulous and the challenging. Here are the basics, but, if you have any questions or concerns, ideas or travel experiences- both the fabulous and the challenging- and your tips or user-friendly ideas, PLEASE POST AS YOU SHARE YOUR ADA TRAVEL TIPS in TRAVEL BLOG here! Grateful for your sharing, suggestions, and tips to make the world more user friendly, it is appreciated. NOW GO PACK for a day or a month…

  1. Apply for and carry USA-ADA Access Card. (See our link in the dropdown menu on how to do that.)

  2. Have a photograph of your Mobility Service Dog in vest.

  3. Forms to print off: your Certified 10 day new Health Record, Health Form, Airline Form, Trainer and Service Dog Organization Form. Go here for forms, rules for various countries, paperwork, and timelines for entry.

  4. Carry dog’s records: current vaccines; Health Form; Airline Form filled out and signed by vet, trainer, and Service Dog Organization; and, as it applies, USDA stamp. The USDA stamp is needed for all international travel, including Canada and Mexico. If you travel to Alaska via Canada, you do NOT need the stamp AS LONG AS you stay in your the area of the airport associated with your airline.

  5. Travel Services for Handicapped Travel: