Mobility Disabled Handlers



Mobility Disabled Handlers are our foundation, providing the sole purpose of our nonprofit foundation.

A mobility dog is a highly trained service dog that assists a physically disabled person, who, due to an accident or disease, is dealing with mobility issues, which may include being wheelchair-dependent. At Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project (MSD-WCP), we raise dogs for the mobility-disabled community to improve their quality of life through functional independence, giving them confidence and a voice in the community at large.

If you would like to be considered for a Mobility Service Dog- Please send us your basic contact information, the application you are requesting, and 10 words to share your reason for requesting an application. Please SUBMIT your request online or email: Thank you.

Our Dogs 

Mobility Service Dogs raises, trains and matches poodles with mobility-impaired individuals. Our poodles are donated from breeders whose priorities are the health, temperament, working ability, and longevity of their dogs. Truly, it takes a remarkable canine to become a Mobility Service Dog. We are grateful to these breeders.

Our hand-chosen puppies start life at 2 days being exposed to sounds, sights, and textures while playing with their littermates. At 8 weeks, they join a puppy raiser family to be socially exposed, loved up, and to build self confidence while learning all the basic rules of dog life, puppyhood, obedience, manners, and socialization. At 6-7 months, after neutering and spaying, they go home with their future Mobility Disabled Handler being matched with a Service Dog Trainer. At this time, much hard work and training will take place to teach the SDiT all the skills needed to work with their SD Handler. It requires extreme dedication and hard work, for which we offer weekly online workshops, meetups, and support. At 12-18 months, after proper assessments by their veterinarian, the dogs may start bracing and counterbalance work. After Public Access, Canine Good Citizenship at all three levels and hundred of hours of training, the MSDiT will become a MSD with full access to all public venues with their Disabled Handler.

Skills Mobility Service Dogs can be trained to do:

  1. Catch and break the falling handler

  2. Counterbalance for walking (balance/walking harness)

  3. Retrieve dropped items such as keys

  4. Retrieve your phone or any item needed to make life easier

  5. Help you get undressed by pulling on or off clothes

  6. Help with transitioning from sitting to standing, from bed to wheelchair, etc.

  7. Carry items in a speciality harness backpack

  8. Open doors in the home and in public

  9. Press buttons for elevators and doors

  10. Open cabinet doors and drawers

  11. Grocery shop (off shelves or fruit stand into bag etc.)

  12. Pull door open and remove clothes from dryer

  13. Support for standing to floor and floor to standing

As a reminder: Please use our Secure FAX line for any medical documentation information that will support your application. Fax # +1(626) 628-3942  Attention: Mobility Service Dog Request.