Meet Our Puppies, the foundation of Mobility SErvice Dogs West Coast Project(MSD-WCP)

THE ABC's OF Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project (MSD-WCP) PUPPY NAMES!

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  1. A is for Arthur who is Affectionate. Sir Arthur, a donated male Standard Poodle, born November 20, 2017, is being raised by MSD-WCP’s New Puppy Raisers’ Cailee and her mom, Catrina Frost in Arizona. Arthur was trained up for Mobility work and guide work. UPDATE: SD TEAM ELLIOT & SIR ARTHUR ARE LIVING A FULL LIFE AS A INSYNC STRONG SD TEAM! This team alongside a Service Dog Task Trainer, Bryce Lincus, (for six months) in AZ. These two have a natural connection, much kindness and movement happening!

  2. A is for female

  3. B is for Baldwin who is Brilliant. Baldwin, a donated male Standard Poodle, born November 21, 2017, is being raised by MSD-WCP’s Puppy Raiser Ruth Miille in Arizona. UPDATE: Sir Baldwin is preparing to receive his next level of training. Baldwin is being loved, cared for, and having a great life with Deborah during his transition, very sweet! Sir Baldwin has taught four Mobility Challenged Humans what a Service Dog is like and what it is like to be with one. Professor Baldwin might be a better title! UPDATE: Sir Baldwin is working with Service Dog Trainer Anna preparing for his forever handler, Alex. An accident has challenged Alex becoming a paraplegic and Baldwin will create FUNctional Independence! Alex & Baldwin are the upcoming SD TEAM ROCKSTARS! UPDATE: Alex & Baldwin are officially a Service Dog Team, San Diego, California!

  4. B is for Bombay who is Bodacious. Bombay, a rescue female mix, born March 15, 2016, was matched through our MSD-WCP network. Bombay and Kristen are a MSDiT Team working with a Service Dog Trainer in the big state Texas since February 2018. UPDATE: December 2018, SD TEAM OF KRISTEN AND BOMBAY are MSD-WCP first official MSD Team. Living a full vibrant life, they are the first mobility service dog team that MSD-WCP’s co-founder, Janie, placed. Due to confidentiality clause, needed for her work, photographs and details have been omitted. We were honored to support this team as they have worked long and hard for Kristen’s functional independence. Honored to have worked with this team, it has only added to our knowledge and understanding required to become a Mobility Service Dog.

  5. C is for Carmine who is Captivating. Carmine, a female Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is being raised by MSD-WCP’s Puppy Raiser Dina Zidan in Northern California. UPDATE: SDiT TEAM HEATHER & CARMINE ARE A FOCUSED STRONG TEAM CREATING A BRIGHT CIRCLE OF LIVING TOGETHER. Carmine is with her SD Handler Heather continue work as a SDiT to become a PTSD and mobility dog working under our Advisory Service Dog Trainer Chair Denise Chalnick Marquez with 4 Paws 4 Patriots.

  6. C is for Coco who is Charming. Coco, a female Standard Poodle, was given to MSD-WCP and needed rehab in a forever home. Deborah Stephens graciously took on the task with training, love, and a home in Washington.

  7. D is for Dakota who was Delicate. Dakota, a female Standard Poodle, born November 20, 2017 was rehomed with Paul Wilson, who has a loving caring environment with another rescued Poodle learning much in Northern California. Grateful for the opportunity to create a positive life for Dakota and her litter mate Mr. White. Dakota is now Delightful!

  8. D is for Dusty who is Dapper. Dusty, a male Standard Poodle who sired Zoey’s litter. Dusty, rehomed, is living an amazing doggie life with two other Standard poodles in his forever home with Tricia Underwood Kazarian in Southern California.

  9. E is for Eclair. DOB 30.April.2019

  10. E is for Edison who is Enlightened. Edison, a male Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is being trained by her Mobility Disabled Handler Tabitha and her mom Heather Hellman in Oregon. Edison is a SDiT learning to be Medical Alert dog with Mary at Servicedogacademy.com and Basic plus Service Dog training with Karen Pryor Academy. Tabitha’s blog UPDATE: SDiT TEAM Tabithia & Edison attend high school together and are currently part of the Zoo Partnership Program. AMAZING, as they work towards complete FUNctional independences and so much more!

  11. F is for female

  12. F is for Frankie who is Faithful. Frankie is being raised by his Handler Jae Hemingway in Southern California. This MSDiT have just begun their journey together January 2019. UPDATE: SDiT TEAM JAE & FRANKIE ARE AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME TEAM WORKING HARD WITH GREAT SUCCESS WITH INDEPENDENCE and are a Jae & Frankie a strong noble team! This playful SDiT Team teaches one of our Puppy Meetups each month on Playful Doggie Games and Tasks because a Happy Dog makes the Best Service Dogs!

  13. G is for Gertrude who is Gracious. Gertrude ‘Trudy’, a female Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is with her forever family Victoria and Nicole Elizondo Hopper as a pet in Washington State.

  14. G is for Gifford who Creative. Named in honor of Gifford Myers, Gifford will be raised up with a puppy raiser to begin work with a boy so he can attend school and live a full vibrant life. We will work with the boy, his family, school, and doctors as we raise up Gifford to allow for FUNctional Independence. UPDATE: Jewelle Harper is raising up Gifford as we look for a Puppy Raiser! PLEASE HELP US FIND A RAISER TO CONTINUE THIS WORK IN PROGRESS. Thank you! Please call Janie 1(530)263-4770

  15. H is for Hampton Gus who is Harmonious. Hampton, a male Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is being raised by MSD-WCP’s Puppy Raiser Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Corbyn Staehli in Washington State. Thank you to Lizzie and Jan Stahli for their time, energy, and work raising up the SDiT Hampy. UPDATE: Service Dog in Training (SDiT) TEAM Danielle & Hampton will be teaming up on April 30, 2019 and working with Service Dog Trainer Angie. GO TEAM GO!!! UPDATE: Hampton goes by his nickname Gus & Dani are working with Service Dog Trainer Michelle Hill from Michelle Hill Dog Training. They have been together since April 2019, it is amazing.

  16. H is for female

  17. I is for female

  18. I is for male

  19. J is for female

  20. J is for male

  21. K is for female

  22. K is for Kevin DOB 8.June.2019

  23. L is for Lynx who is Loving. Lynx, a male Great Dane, is being raised as a supporter of MSD-WCP by his owner, Mobility-disabled Handler Jae Hemingway in Southern California. UPDATE: Jae and Lynx are an amazing SDiT Team; however, it proved to best for Lynx to rehomed and is in a loving caring environment in California on acres to run while he is not traveling to shows and winning ribbons or assisting his owner with Service Dog tasking. He is an amazing canine with an exceptional breeder, the Great Dane community is better having Cynthia Neet’s expertise doing right by these amazing creatures.

  24. L is for female

  25. M is for Maya who is Magical. Maya, a female (dwarf) Standard Poodle, was placed in a forever home with our board member, Brittany Jarabek and her beautiful family in Northern California.

  26. M is for Monty DOB 30.April.2019

  27. N is for female

  28. N is for male

  29. O is for female

  30. O is for Oliver Orchard who is Obliging. Oliver ‘Ollie’, a male Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is being raised by MSD-WCP’s Puppy Raiser Jennifer Zweben in Northern California. UPDATE: Oliver is transition with Brittany and family getting groomed up, evaluated for his next level of training. UPDATE: SDiT TEAM RHONDA & OLLIE working with SD Trainer Kate Hart are owning it and doing fabulous in Southern California. Rhonda speaks of his brilliant and insightful personality, he keeps them laughing as well as walking with FUNctional independence! Kate Hart, her Service Dog Trainer shares that Ollie is 80% trained as a Service Dog. Rhonda & Ollie are working hard becoming an unstoppable Service Dog in Training (SDiT) Team! UPDATE: Keeping it fluid. Sometimes unexpected health issues are a game changer, tears are shed but we keep the love flowing.

  31. P is for Papillon who is . Papi is a female standard poodle. DOB 8.June.2019

  32. P is for

  33. Q is for male

  34. Queen is for Queen Phoebe who is Playful and Practically Perfect in every way! She retired February 9, 2018, her eleventh birthday. Phoebe was MSD-WCP co-founder Janie Heinrich's very first SD who was speciality trained for wheelchair and mobility Service Dog. UPDATE: PHOEBE WAS THE VERY FIRST SD TEAM THAT JANIE PLACE AND WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE, it was Phoebe’s training and working with a Service Dog Trainer that gave Janie the strength and vision that MSD-WCP was an opportunity for many to experience the freedom that a SD offers. Phoebe is counted as the first dog placed even thought MSD-WCP did not yet exist.

  35. R is for female

  36. R is for Ramsey. A male Standard Poodle. DOB 30.April.2019

  37. S is for female

  38. S is for Samuel Beckett who is Soulful. ‘Beckett’, a male Standard Poodle born October 21, 2017, is owned and being raised by the co-founder of MSD-WCP and Mobility Disabled Handler, Janie Heinrich with the assistance of Penny Scott-Fox and the MSD-WCP Community. UPDATE: SD TEAM JANIE & BECKET! He is amazing as he travels with Janie around the country and in their own backyard living a full and vibrant life. Service Dog (SD) TEAM JANIE & BECKET do Reading Circles at local schools and have workshops at local businesses educating the population about “What is a Service Dog? What is the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and What is a Handicap Human?”. He is a rockstar and with Beckett by Janie’s side there is nothing she cannot do!

  39. T is for female

  40. T is for Tango who is Tremendous. Tango, a male Standard Poodle, born June 21, 2018, is being raised by Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project (MSD-WCP)’s Puppy Raiser and Handler Darlene Melvin in Nevada. This amazing Service Dog in Training (SDiT) TEAM are working with our team of Service Dog Trainer and Puppy Raiser as Tango and Darlene learn all the tasks to make a FUNctional and active life for this MSDiT Team! UPDATE: SDiT TEAM DARLENE & TANGO ARE FOCUSED AND DOING AMAZING ALERTING KEEPING FUNCTIONAL INDEPENDENCE! GREAT TEAM.

  41. U is for female

  42. U is for male

  43. V is for female

  44. V is for male

  45. W is for Mr. White who is Wild. Mr. White, a male Standard Poodle, born November 20, 2017 was rehomed with Patti Miele in a loving caring environment with another rescued Poodle learning much in Northern California. Grateful for the opportunity to create a positive life for both Mr. White and his litter mate Dakota. Mr. White is now Wonderful!

  46. W is for female

  47. X is for female

  48. X is for male

  49. Y is for female

  50. Y is for male

  51. Z is for Zoey who is Zealous. Zoey, a female Standard Poodle. Zoey was renamed, Mama Lotus, was gifted to MSD-WCP by Jennifer DeMolineaux, pregnant delivering her puppies within 4 days of arrival! Thank you, Jennifer! Mobility Service Dogs-West Coast Project together with Growing up Guide Pup whelped, raised, and placed her adorable nine puppies. 1 as a pet, 8 into service being raised up as Service Dogs in Training with Puppy Raisers under Mobilitydog.org, Growing Up Guide Pup, and Brigadoon Dogs. UPDATE: Zoey is a beautiful dog who will be spayed and live a full beautiful life just getting to be a fun loving canine with Deborah Stephens in Northern Washington! She has given the Mobility Service Dog world so much!

  52. Z is for Ziggy. DOB 23.April.2019