August 2019 Winner

Gene Autry Museum, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Truly, what is not to embrace at this well thought out museum that is about our Western History and so much more. The powers that be have created a hands on museum for children, interactive museum for all ages with engaging hands on experiences, well trained docents, beautiful and well curated exhibitions, delicious cafeteria, and beautiful gift shop. Completely taken at the kindness they ushered me in with my Service Dog, husband, and dear friend Pat one weekend, and returning with grandchildren and children the next weekend. Highly recommend taking a day to explore and take in this piece of history and the Art of Harry Fonseca with Coyote, Frankie, and Aunt Polly is absolutely engaging and so much fun. Take time to really let the children make a movie, play in the barn, explore Griffith Park, and find the missing person! Everywhere is accessible and well thought out as to be 100% inclusive. Staff well trained and engaging too!

July 2019 Winner

Healthy Kids Class at Stem Kitchen and Garden, San Francisco, Ca

The entire building was user friendly and handicap accessible with a smile and cheerful welcoming to my service dog team of Janie & Beckett! The parking was easy and well marked with a wide pathway to the building entrance. The security and front desk were helpful and caring as they ushered up to the 3rd floor. The staff at STEM’S Kitchen were kind and inviting us in as we got to partake and enjoy be observers of our two granddaughters’ cooking class. Beautiful setting in the rooftop garden. Kindness and being handicap accessible because they are inclusive of all humanity, it was a lovely afternoon because of their good cheer. Happy to find them, we will return.

June 2019 Winner

The Mission Inn, Riverside, California

The Mission Inn, they care about all their guests and want everyone to be able to have enjoy their grounds, pools, spa, restaurants, and experience the peaceful energy of their Inn. Enjoyed the kindness of the staff, the clearly marked signs directing you to the handicap accessible pathways, the valet’s assistance with car and bag, and the manager David Cohen’s attention to the needs including the detail of each guest. Bed very comfortable, room spacious, housekeeping thorough, food delicious, and The Spa divine. We will definitely be returning and will recommend it to all our family and friends! Cheers to a nice local spot in the world that holds it’s charming ways.

May 2019 Winner

Grand Tetons Nation

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve WOODSIDE HIKING TRAIL

Our grandchildren and their parents joined Bob and I on a most lovely hike through Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Bunnies, Muskrats and the river flowing through as we hiked the Woodside Trail to overlook of Jenny Lake. It was handicap accessible and absolutely a gift to my soul. So much beauty, sounds of complete silence to roaring water, birds calling, and leaves cracking under our feet. Highly recommend a lovely hike with a delicious quiet interlude overlooking the lake. Upon return to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Nature Center, be certain to explore the indoor writings, exhibits, and meditation room! A gem in the middle of great gems, grateful for the foresight of this brilliant man and for the honoring of his gift and dreams. Deep bows of gratitude.

April 2019 Winner

Ohlone Wilderness State Park Trails

Many beautiful hiking trails that offer handicap accessibility at all levels. Pack a picnic and bring the family to just embrace a beautiful woodsy experience. Meet you family and friends to make a day of it. Due to water conservation, be sure to bring your own water enough for you and your service dog! Have a lovely day out in the woods breathing in the fresh air while taking in the peaceful beautiful of one of our very fine California State Parks.

March 2019 Winner

La Grande Orange CAFE, Pasadena Restaurant

When every we walk in, Becket & Janie we are always treated with upmost respect. Appreciate that we do not have to restate Beckett is a Service Dog (SD) and that they do not inform us that pets have to sit outside on the patio. It is nice to be respected and have him treated as a medical device to quietly take his place politely laying at my side out of the way in a tuck while my husband, family, and friends be it 1 or 14 enjoy our dinner together. La Grande Orange is a favorite spot that we frequent a few times a month. The people, the food, the kindness is always delicious. Deep bows of gratitude that I can always go here for lunch or dinner during the week or brunch on the weekend and know it will be user friendly positive choice as a SD Team.

February 2019 Winner

Union Station AND The Los Angeles Metro Public transportation

We hear the Goldline and Beckett is happy to be riding the train on another grand adventure. It takes us to downtown to explore our beauty of Downtown Los Angeles, it takes us to Long Beach and Santa Monica! We enjoy taking it to catch Amtrak to meet up with dear friends in San Diego and San Clemente. The Los Angeles Metro is a treat and is user friendly for most all humans. They are good about alerting us to elevator closures and do their best to keep them accessible in working order. They make it easy for wheelchairs, arm crutches, walkers, blind, and Service Dogs to ride with the needed seating and bars on the train and at the stations. Grateful for the many adventures that include Buses, Access Vans, Gold Line, Purple Line, Red Line, Blue Line, Expo Line, and Fly Away be it to a local event or just exploring, going to the Dodgers Game or flying away on holiday the Los Angeles Metro Public Transportation does it right! Thankful they are here for us!

January 2019 Winner

ThE Broad and REdbird, Los angeles, california, usa

We have enjoyed The Broad many times in 2018 and again this month! Beckett and I are asked the proper questions with open kindness and welcoming into the museum. They are professional, calling ahead to alert that they have a Standard Poodle Service Dog in the house. The knowledgeable volunteers check in on us to see if we need any assistants and are very good to us. It is a favorite place of ours as we look forward to Art and Politics: Soul of a Nation Symposium exhibit coming in March! Afterwards, we walked over to Redbird which was a delicious treat. Once you alert them that you need a ramp entrance, they graciously escort you through the garden to the side entrance making for a lovely start to your dining experience. Redbird is a place Beckett and I will return to because they are user friendly with the most delicious food!

December 2018 Winner

Alaska Airlines, SFO-PDV, PDV-LAX, USA

Alaska Airlines is truly an airline that cares about handicapped humans and their needs to travel with the medical device that creates FUNctional independence. Deep bows of gratitude to an airline that understands that a service dog makes it possible for many humans on this planet to live a full and vibrant life. Alaska is always our first choice with our Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training, their kindness and ability to think on their feet understanding the difference between a Service Dog and not a service dog showing complete respect to the handicap handler makes traveling with Alaska a complete joy. Thank you.

November 2018 Winner

MAUI, ALL OF THE ISLAND Maui, Hawaiian Island, USA

We embraced a lovely Aloha adventure with our family in Maui. The Maui Humane Society, was amazing and truly Jay made everything flow for us. When we entered into zones of humans who did not understand that Service Dog Teams have rights I would give them Jay’s information at the Humane Society, they would reach out to him. Once Jay spoke with them giving his stamp of approval which opened up a beautiful conversation as we taught and shared our work and exactly what a Service Dog is and can be along with what a handicap person is too. We loved the island and Beckett made it possible for me to do all the things I love to do. Grateful for the Aloha Spirit and the graceful energy of the islands. Thank you Jay for making our trip a delightful unfolding.

October 2018 Winner

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM, Monterey, California, USA

Everyone was educated and asked the appropriate questions alerting all the staff that a Service Dog in Training (SDiT) was inhouse. They checked in with us to see if we needed anything for Beckett. There were two other Service Dogs (SD) in the building, all three of us were near each other on many occasions: however, since the staff was educated at the door everyone inside were truly trained working SDiT and SD. We had a fabulous time and the very full venue was full of kind, attentive humans who asked questions respectfully! Always a joy to interact and share about what a service dog is, there training, and the opportunity to educate others about service dogs and handicap humans. Our granddaughter was with us and she even commented that the staff and ramps for the mobility disabled made the aquarium rockstars! We agree with Victoria that Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great place to visit with a SD, SDiT and for the mobility disabled. Thank you Monterey Bay Aquarium for your kindness and being educated to be inclusive of all humans. Grateful!

September 2018 Winner

Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CAlifornia, USA

A place full of magic and welcoming staff from the ticket booth in front, to the food near the entrance, to the gift shop, and of course the beautiful grounds. Opened and welcoming to Trained (Mobility) Service Dogs, (Mobility) Service Dogs in Training to stroll and take in nature and the art exhibits in the home. Wheelchairs and ADA user friendly everywhere with ramping and possibilities to navigate a lovely experience together with family and friends or solo to just breath in nature. Thank you Descanso Gardens for opening the doors to everyone. Deep gratitude for forward thinking that includes all humans.

August 2018 Winner


Our five grandchildren consider Kidspace as their NeNe’s and PoPo’s backyard. The welcoming team always asks the correct questions: “Is that a Service Dog?,” and, upon my “Yes, he is a Mobility Service Dog in Training”, they ask, “What task does he perform for you?” They are kind, considerate, and highly respectful of my Mobility Team, Beckett and Janie! We are allowed and able to go everywhere, because they have ramps and have made it user-friendly for all children and adults, welcoming the ADA Community with open hearts and kindness. We are grateful for all of our past adventures at Kidspace as we look forward to all our future explorations, too! Cheers and gratitude.

July 2018 Winner

DISNEYLAND, Anaheim, California, USA

When I was a child, Mr. Walt Disney, came to our shop as he picked up the candy in the old station wagon. Mr. Disney was kind, gentle, and always had time to just talk to a little girl named Janie. As a child, I was aware of his cousin who was in a wheelchair, which created an understanding of what Mr. Disney needed to do to be user-friendly to those in wheelchairs. My first trip to Disneyland in my manual chair was a day full of laughter and solutions by the staff, allowing me to embrace each moment with family and friends. We just enjoyed another visit with our grandchildren where we found all the employees to be very kind, the rides user-friendly, and the adventures ever so sweet! Hats off to Mr. Walt Disney, once again, for his vision, love, and understanding of the ADA community. Disneyland even hosts Service Dog Days and Service Dogs in Training days because they totally get what it means to live vibrantly and fully, regardless of the the vantage point you experience it from. Thank you!

June 2018 Winner

Huntington Library, Pasadena, california, USA

They create a very positive experience by educating their Admission Security Team Personnel about how to have a conversation with Service Dog Handlers, asking, “Is your dog a Trained Service Dog?” If the Handler answers, “Yes,” they continue with, “What three tasks does your dog assist you with?” They then radio ahead to alert all the Security and Volunteer details that we are on the grounds. Everyone is kind, helpful, and 100% smooth. Hats off to Huntington Library for being user-friendly by asking the appropriate questions and only allowing True Trained Service Dogs in. 

Huntington.ORG photo of the Children's Garden

Huntington.ORG photo of the Children's Garden

May 2018 Winner

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. LOS ANGELES, CA, USA

Janie has many fabulous memories of season tickets with her parents and 3 siblings attending the Civic Light Opera! On her 39th wedding anniversary, Bob and Janie decided to become Opera people. The staff at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion are well trained with perfectly lovely manners who listen to your needs and makes it flow for all people with disabilities! Janie in her wheelchair or walking with her Service Dog is able to attend the events in comfort and gentleness- wonderful humans working to make this venue user friendly for everyone. Deep bows of gratitude for your mindfulness of all human beings. Looking forward to enjoying the show many times this year!!

April 2018 Winner

Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA, USA

They asked questions while we were showing our membership card, radioed to the staff at the little umbrella booth, who radioed ahead to all the staff that a Standard Poodle Service Dog was on the grounds. It was a very positive and easy day. It was interesting to be entering around the same time as a fraud "Certified Service Dog" and be part of the conversation. The staff handled it very gently and the fraud dog and handler left the gardens, upset but with a better understanding that indeed fraud dogs add a negative additional challenge to those of us who need a Trained Service Dog and for Service Dogs In Training. We are grateful for this positive interaction.

March 2018 Winner

Southwest Airlines

Short and Long Haul Flights

Since, October of 2011, when I started using a Trained Service Dog to assist me in my Tilite chair, Canadian Arm-crutches, and Mobility Service Dog, Southwest Airlines Staff Members have been rock stars, making each flight enjoyable, peaceful and an easy experience. We are grateful to their people for creating a system that works well for me and my Mobility Service Dog. Cheers!

February 2018 Winner

Mexican Department of Agriculture and Bahia Principe Hotel

Tulum, Mexico

Our experience with the Mexican government, hotel, and people of Mexico was amazing: from boarding the plane; to arriving at the airport meeting with Mexican Government Officials; and having hotel personnel ready for our arrival and make our trip magical. My niece’s wedding was perfectly lovely, and we were able to embrace each moment with the ease created for travel. We had everything filled out and stamped by USDA and our Vet ahead of time, so we were prepared, and it really flowed nicely. Thank you!