International Association of Canine Professionals- IACP, In Safe Hands, is an organization established to maintain the highest professional and business standards among canine Professionals (Professional Membership)

Denise Chalnick Marquez, Service Dog Trainer, Riverside, California

Anna Gilnets, Service Dog Trainer, Claremont, California

Michelle Hill, Service Dog Trainer, Arkansas

Adopt A Cop USA’s critical mission is two-fold, our number one priority is to change the lives of at-risk youth around the country, secondly to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Spend any time watching mainstream media? You’ll realize that law enforcement officers and agencies are under constant and unrelenting attack. Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project and Adopt A Cop USA are working together for the future, our children. Service Dogs create FUNctional Independences for all.

Knapp Development and Design, ‘Creating accessible user-friendly space in private home,’ Malibu, CA

It is the Food! And so much more… ‘Healthy Lifestyle for Humans’, Nevada City, CA

Whole Food Prescriptions, Healing bodies through Education & Whole Foods, Pasadena, CA


Alexandria, Pasadena, California - First Quarter 2019

Mobility Service Dogs-West Coast Project ’s puppies whelped by  Growing Up Guide Pup , puppies are magical!

Mobility Service Dogs-West Coast Project’s puppies whelped by Growing Up Guide Pup, puppies are magical!