PLEASE MEET Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training!

OUR DOGS: THE HEARTBEAT OF Mobility Service Dogs - West Coast Project (MSD-WCP)!

Since January 2018, Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project has placed 11 Service Dogs (SD) and Service Dogs in Training (SDiT). These canine/human teams are thriving, growing, and learning daily as they navigate medical appointments, daily life, and the world at large. We are having our first big Fundraising Event, The Poodle Palooza on September 12, WE HOPE YOU WILL BUY TICKETS OR SPONSORSHIPS AS WE RAISE UP ANOTHER 11 SERVICE DOGS!

1) Beckett was the first SDit placed by MSD-WCP in January of 2018 to assist our founder with counterbalance, bracing and soft retrieval work.

2) Sir Baldwin’s puppy raising and training took him from Arizona to Washington and back to San Diego to meet his forever handler who is wheelchair-bound.

3) Arthur was raised by a team in Arizona and placed in California where he assists his handler with balance and bracing work.

4) SDiT Lynx is with a family assisting the grandmother and child in balance work to keep them active and functionally independent.

5) SDiT Frankie has learned medical alert and is growing into his Balance, Catch, and brace work.

6) SD Bombay has allowed his handler to continue working and being independent to everyone's surprise!

Five of the eleven dogs placed by MSD-WCP are litter mates who were whelped by MSD-WCP in June 2018: Carmine, Edison, Hampton, Tango, and Shadow.

7) Hampton is in Little Rock, Arkansas in SDiT Bootcamp working on balance work and medical alert.

8) Edison is working hard mastering basics and in the middle of his Medical Alert Training Online. Edison is alerting his handler 80% of the time and will soon be ready to start doing counterbalance work.

9) SDiT Tango is preparing for balance, bracing, and medical alert work for his handler.

10) Carmine is working successfully with her SDiT Handler on PTSD alert and Balance work.

11) Shadow, formerly known as Oliver, was placed in March 2018 and working on balance work, medical alert, and bracing.

12) Gifford, 12 weeks, has just begun his SDiT journey. MSD-WCP is excited to see what his future holds as he works with a puppy raiser to learn his personality in order to make the perfect handler match. Gifford looks like he will be a great match for Jackson to allow for him to grow up with functional independence!

We have three more Standard Poodles, German lines for size and strength, being donated end of July. Please call or text Janie @ +1(530)263-4770 if you want to be a puppy raiser.