Undoubtedly, My Forever Friend and Service Dog by Elliot Lincis

“I met Arthur on a warm December night, when his local trainer brought him over. Like an Angel with wings, descending the heavens in a Jan Van Eyck masterpiece, Arthur entered my life, my soul, my entire reason for being.  His big, beautiful, brown eyes looked into my sad eyes and knew immediately what he had to do. Become my shadow, even when the sun is not shining. There was no grace period. No checking each other out. It was instantaneous, as was the joy he brought to me and all that surrounds me. I’ve raised so many dogs I can’t count them all. I was four or five when I got my first puppy, a Collie, of course it was the nineteen fifties. Never have I ever met a K9 like Arthur.  The bond that formed between us, is almost frightening. On first encounter, people could not believe we had been together a matter of days, nor could I. He goes everywhere with me. Ubers, cabs, buses, he’s cool with everything, and pandemonium where ever we go. He loves people of all ages, especially children. Did I teach him this. No. I haven’t taught him a thing, except maybe his name, Arthur. This is how he showed up that warm December evening six months ago. He has never left my side, back , front, my heart. Undoubtedly my forever friend. He is a life changer, and has made all the difference in my life and the lives of everyone he meets. What would I have done without Arthur? His beloved friend, caretaker, soulmate, Elliot”, SD Handler of the Elliot & Arthur SD Team, April 2019

ARTHUR ART 3 (1).jpeg