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THE GIFFORD MYERS MEMORIAL FUND, honoring our artistic fun-loving eccentric board member, and friend. His love of dogs and desire to help the mobility impaired community brought artists together advocating for both, using the power of the visual arts. His genius, artistry, and ability to think outside the box have made a lasting impact for those served by MSD-WCP. In his honor, we will continue partnering with the artist community that he so loved and cherished using the power of the arts to educate and share our vision. We are deeply grateful for Gifford’s time, energy, and creativity on the board. So it is in his memory and spirit that we have established the Gifford Myers Memorial Fund Gifford Myers, 30.November.1948-11.March.2019. Click this line for Giffords Obituary and Board Member Bio.

your generous donations via PayPal or Credit Card or Check ARE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. Please mail checks to Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project, 65 W. Dayton Street #406, Pasadena, California, 91105, USA. Your support and kindness, ARE APPRECIATED!


It costs MSD-WCP $22,000 to raise a Mobility Service Dog from whelping, puppy with a Puppy Raiser through 6 months of service training in the home of a Mobility Handler. However, all of our puppies are free to the disabled handlers.

MSD-WCP is providing all food, vet bills, tools, equipment, and training costs to all Puppy Raisers, as well as 6 months of Mobility Handler training and follow-up training at no cost to the Raiser or Handler.  

100% of your donation will go directly towards puppy raising, training, and placing a mobility-assistant service dog with a mobility-impaired individual. MSD-WCP is a volunteer operated organization.

Your donation makes a huge difference in the lives of our dogs and humans.

We invite you to join us at a mixer to meet our dogs and humans and to see where your dollars are going! We know you will be proud of all your donation is doing.

Honor the Memory or Celebrate a wonderful human

celebrate & Honor a dog lover with a Gift Donation

MSD will send a bumper sticker and information to all gift recipients for donations of $25 or higher. 

If you would like to name a dog in someone’s honor, the minimum donation is $1500.00.

Monthly Giving

Volunteer your time, creating community.

Donate $100.00- $350.00 to give interactive educational meet-ups in the neighborhood.

Gift $3.00 to $500.00 to support a puppy in training each month.

Sponsor a Puppy

You can sponsor a puppy for $10.00 to $500.00  a month for six months. Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project will send you monthly write-ups and pictures of your puppy’s activities. This would be a great project for a classroom, office, friends, or a family. You will be invited to the weekly Neighborhood Mixers, Graduation, and Yearly Events with the Puppy Raisers, Working Service Dogs, and their Mobility-disabled Handlers.

Mobility service dogs west coast project is a 501c3 Nonprofit Foundation ~EIN82-4426022~

All donations are accompanied with a letter


Groomers: 6-week Groom and Bath


Martingale collars

Real Meat Food

Taste of the Wild Puppy Largest bag of Dog Food

Puppy Toys and Deer Antlers Chews

Hand Shears


Nina Dog puzzle toys

Doggie Beds

Gift certificates

AndersEn’s Pet Shop Montrose, CA

Pasadena HUmane Society Shoppe

Poodles love the water and adore adventures when their working harnesses are off!