It all started when A VOLUNTEER ARRIVED...

Volunteers are the fourth corner of our foundation. We need volunteers to run the organization’s meetups, educational forums in the community, and to speak in  schools. Classes and Zoom time will teach and empower our Mobility Disabled Community as well as the community at large. We need volunteers to help with the following:

  1. Meetups for community, volunteers, puppy raisers, dog trainers, and disability community.

  2. Mailings

  3. Fundraisers

  4. Community Fairs

  5. Be the Public Face and Voice for Mobility Service Dogs - West Coast Project.

  6. Picking up puppies from breeder and delivering to Puppy Raisers.

For MSD-WCP Volunteer Application- Please send us your basic contact information, application you are requesting, and 10 words to share your reason for requesting application. Please SUBMIT request online or email: info@mobilitydog.org. Thank you.