ADA Travel Suggestions and Experiences — Mobility Service Dog - West Coast Project

Just returned from a Road Trip Los Angeles to Portland with my Granddaughter and Service Dog in Training Beckett. We had an amazing trip embracing beautiful people, user friendly areas, and so much kindness.

On Beckett’s harness, PLEASE DO NOT PET I AM WORKING is finally starting to make a huge difference which is welcomed and appreciated not only by me but also by Beckett. Highly recommend this patch for all Service Dog Handlers to add to their harnesses. MSD-WCP’s MSDiT Handler Jae Hemingway is currently making some for us to sell in our online shop, very excited.

Gresham and Ashland were both very user friendly and full of helpful gentle people to request directions to the accessible ramp type pathways. Our voice and forward motion with a smile is our best tool for accessible travel.

My granddaughter is a rockstar, at 3.5 she quickly observes the best path and forward we go on our journey.

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